A Few Secrets to Social Media Success

When it comes to having a successful presence on social media, what you post matters.

Here are a few questions, and tips, you can ask yourself to give your social media a quick review and boost your pages interaction:


If you aren’t using your own images you are missing a huge opportunity to engage authentically with your followers. Sure, it can be tempting to search for that perfectly lit, professional stock photo, but how boring. Why not be inspired by your business the same way you want your clients and customers to be. Find the things that make you authentically you and post that, even if it’s not perfect. Trust me, your clients would much rather see YOU then the perfect version of you that you think they want (this is a point well riff off more at a later time).


If it’s you then keep talking! I love brands that you can engage directly with the owners that inspire you. I love when people share their personal stories, triumphs and yes, even heartaches. Have someone managing your page? That’s ok to!! Just be sure you are working with a social media manager that you vibe with and who not only understands your brand, but your story and has taken the time to get to know you. Otherwise they may not be representing you in an authentic way, and that can mean lost followers and disassociation with your brand.


Are you asking your audience questions or just talking at them? Sometimes it’s hard to remember that social media is a two way conversation to be had WITH our audience. Not just at them. Tell your stories but don’t forget to ask engaging questions once in a while. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just talk to them the way you would talk to your best friend. Create relationships that make both your audience, and you, feel special because that’s what it’s all about.

Take these tips and take a look at your social media this weekend. Want to learn more and make your presence even better? Let’s set up a consultation and discuss specialized Social Media Coaching or Management.

The world is there for you to make your dreams out of.

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