We are a boutique consulting firm based in Carmel Valley, CA. With a decade of real world experience we offer our unique knowledge and skills to help small business owners grow.


We are a business for businesses and with a decade of real world experience, we offer small businesses valuable coaching, consulting and services tailored to meet their needs.


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We all need someone in our court now and again. Teaching us, guiding us and mentoring us.

At The Small Business Greenhouse we offer a Holistic and Integrative approach to Business. We believe in connecting the mind and body in practical ways and thinking outside the box.


We will work with you to implement and teach new strategies  in order to allow you, and your business, to move forward self sufficiently with the knowledge needed to continue to grow. 



The Small Business Greenhouse offers  Consulting Services tailored to fit your business needs.



Tailored services to fit your business needs.




Our Story


    The Small Business Greenhouse is a boutique consulting firm based in Carmel Valley, CA. With a decade of real world experience we offer our unique knowledge and skills to help small business owners grow.


    The Small Business Greenhouse is a place for growing business to come and be nurtured. Whether you are starting fresh, rebranding or simply going through a growth spurt, the Small Business Greenhouse is here to guide you along the way. We offer consulting, coaching and small business services for the serious entrepreneur.


    We puts dreams into action in a professional and enthusiastic manner. Your dreams are our dreams too. We love watching small businesses succeed and entrepreneurs grow. Our goal is to create a safe space for dreams to be grown and nurtured.


About Iris

    Iris is a native of the Monterey Peninsula who currently resides in Carmel Valley with her husband, 3 children and a menagerie of animals. She is an aspiring homesteader, artist, writer and small business owner with a passion for raising and growing her own food. She has been a Social Media, Marketing and Promotions guru for a decade.

    After starting her own jewelry business in 2009, Iris took online business and marketing classes while home with her 2 small children. She quickly discovered a passion for small business marketing and social media. As she began running her own business, she realized there was a need for other small business owners to learn how to market themselves as well as to get help with basic business services.

    As her work (and network) has grown over the years, teaching and consulting has become a large part of what she loves to do. Iris has worked with a wide variety of small businesses from established restaurants, new restaurants and bars, music festivals, clubs, musicians, artists, pilates gurus, massage therapists, marketing firms, accountants, estate trustees, and many more. By utilizing her extensive network and skill sets, Iris is able to provide the best of what any small business may need.

    Iris has a broad set of skills based in real world experience that allows her to navigate the business world effectively. This, combined with her ongoing education, gives her unique insights into running and marketing small businesses and working with entrepreneurs.

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"It's a wonderful thing to be able to watch someone with a passion succeed in making their dreams come true, and I love being a positive part of that journey."


~ Iris McGilloway

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